I don't know what to make out of this, (Anyone with a clue? Does he just need time?

It's been a few weeks into the relationship,
Earlier my boyfriend mentioned to me ,
"Why do you even love me, I'm just a funny looking, weird guy.

I'm so attracted to him and I wonder whether he knows how attractive he is,

He says that he feels as though he lives to work.

I try to be patient with him,
I have made it clear that he should try and be more in touch,
He will read my messages and just ignore me,
A day later, he will get in touch and try to ask me only stuff about my life.

Also he's in his late 40s (never married)
I'm in my early twenties." (It's not what you are thinking)"

At the beginning, we kept in touch all day , should that change as we get fond of each other or are things just not working out?


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  • He might be having some self-fulfilling prophesy going on. That is, he thinks that he's not good enough for you or doesn't deserve you so he is creating the rift that will cause you to come apart without knowing he's doing it. Then when it happens it affirms his belief. That's what I'm seeing here.

  • Mind games and he playing u good!