A guy told me that if he knew that I was his he'd be able to die a happy man. Does it mean he's in love with me?

He also said that he rarely shares his feelings like this.


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  • Or trying to get laid.

    • We've known each other for almost 2 years and at first he wasn't like that, just casual talk and a bit flirting, but now he says things like that and I know he's not used to say such things. And I just wonder if he likes me/in love with me

  • Do you really have to ask? Do you want him to rip his heart out and put it in your hands to believe that he loves you?

    • It's just really complicated because we're talking for 1,5 years but we live in different countries and have never met. I know that a long-distance relationship is a really rare thing, that's why I'm asking. And by the way he's British and he even told me that British people aren't used to share their deep feelings and everyone in his life don't care that much about other people. What do you think?

    • Well, you didn't tell us the back story, so forgive my ambush. My answer is still the same, though. The man is obviously pouring his heart out and he has admitted how hard it is for him to express his feelings, so you should not really be confused about any of this. He likes you a lot and wants you to be his, now it is up to you to decide what to do going forward. IF you think the long distance thing is a hassle and there is probably no chance of you meeting or settling down together in the future, then you should just let him know. If, however, you feel like there is a chance that this might work out between the two of you (provided that you share the same feelings about him), then you should also let him know that you would like to be his gal and would enjoy more of his love.

      Good luck to ya. : )

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