Should I ask this guy what we are?

Should I ask this guy I'm seeing what we are? Because i don't get it because last time when he said "we're dating" and I said "yeah" and then he's like "so if another guy asks you out what would you say" then I said I'd say no. And when we were with his friends he acted like we were together and was holding my hands and stuff and had his arms around me. So do you think I should Messafe him saying "just wondering but what are we?"if we're friends or something more because now he's acting different like he barely messages me even tho on fb it says he's online almost all day


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  • He has given you an Answer that Solidifies "We're dating," and with all the Sure Signs that go with Potential Mate, He is Taking it Slow with his own Flow.
    I feel when he is Ready to be your Steady Eddy, He sounds like the kind of guy who is Full of surprises and will Probably even Present you With... A ring one day to Solidify More in Store.
    Silence is Golden. Just Continue with what you are doing. He has only Eyes for you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much for the Vote of Confidence and for starting off my day great.. I have Confidence in you that you will have everything worked out just Right. xxoo

    • Np your answer was very helpful and thank you so much! 😊

    • Thank you again, sweetie, happy to help. xxoo

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  • He's already told u that u guys are dating...

  • You should ask him