Does my best friend who set me up with her friend seem jealous of our blossoming relationship?

So I met him through her. She's known him years , we hit it off and he asked me on a date. She's always negative when I mention us. Like on first date oh what if he turns up in tracksuit. This guy is no chav and dresses nice.

She asked oh what would you do if he goes to kiss you. I was like I don't know. Then she said what if you end up hating eachother. I said we won't we like eachother too much for that. Then she said hope she's not left out if we get together.

She didn't want me to date him one on one , but to go out with him with our circle of friends. I felt that's no way to get to know someone really.

Then she's like let me know how it goes. An she's negative like it will be awkward you should go cinema and not talk. Oh you will be so nervous etc she said. Then she was like what are yous going to even do like where you going. Then she even said oh bring money incase he don't pay , when I know he will pay he's asked me out. When I first met him he paid for my drinks , taxi , flowers etc.

She was like yeah he was drunk tho and he gets her drinks sometimes. She said guys she dated didn't pay for her went half. I said well you already know he's a gent u told me yourself. I feel like it's good and bad meeting someone through my friend lol


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  • So I take it she is still single and a bit jealous or bitter you have someone and she doesn't?


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