Does he have feelings for me?

He always made me fun of me and say bad things. The last year of high school, we sore of become friends and talk to each other a lot due to us being in the same class. He dated my good friend before but ended up breaking up. A year has pass and he suddenly message me a few months ago and asked if i want to work at a store with him and i said no. After that he message me again about some random things, but i ignore because simply i just dont want to talk to him (yes i know its rude, i dont know what else to do)

A few days ago, he said that we should hang out some time... but i ignore him too. a lot of people back in high school treated me like sh*t and took me for advantage (using me as entertainment/making fun of me) including him

Anyway, does he have feelings for me?

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  • while people do change to a certain extent some people never out grow being jerks , i know this from personal experience , its not a good idea and just let him know your not interested.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's trying to get in those panties. He's not even slick about it.