What does it really mean when he?

I have posted something before about the man I was casually seeing for a couple years who never was ready for a relationship. We have not been in contact for almost 3 weeks. We did not have a fight or anything like that. He knows I want more but is adamant that he is not ready for relationship.

My question now is why after we have not contacted each other would he send me a text saying happy Mother's Day and hope I'm having a great day

i should probably just assume he's trying to be nice and it means no more than that. I WANT to think it's because he misses me.

May i have your thoughts on this? by the way I did respond and say thanks and hope he was having a good day to which he responded "thanks!! :)"

Your honest input is appreciated... I feel ridiculous asking this & have been putting it off, but then I thought what the hell... why not.



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  • I think he does like you but does not want to date you. Yes, he was just being friendly and since you responded and he did not make plans or anything that text was just that. If he missed you he would have said so or try to make plans. You have built some sort of friendship over those two years so he was just reaching out and saying hi in a way. I am sorry, but just keep moving on.

    • Thank you for the response, much appreciated

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  • When a man says "I'm not ready" your response is "well when you are ready look me up IF I'm still single" then get on with your life. Guys say that to string a woman along. She thinks if she stays with him long enough he'll one day "be ready" and want her. It will never happen but he'll sure be open to fuck if you offer but not even that will make him "ready"

    • Gotcha Carl... but I think I was the one who pushed for sex in the beginning. He was a little apprehensive about it and almost regrets ever doing it because I'm so hurt. Ugh...

    • Yeah well he sure obliged didn't he? He isn't so innocent to me

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