Private Prom for my Girl? Ideas please?

I live out of town, away from this girl that I am "talking" to. She asked me to go to prom with her, but I was one year too old to go to prom with her. I'm gonna take her out on our first date this weekend and I'm gonna stay the night in a hotel room. I was planning on throwing a surprise "Private Prom" for her, and decorating my hotel room with a bunch of prom stuff. Please help throw out some ideas. As of now, I am thinking about lighting candles around the room, Hanging Net lights on the ceiling. Red carpet is too expensive, so I'm just gonna buy Red Fabric, and hopefully that would suffice. Haha. Please help me out! What else do you guys have!


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  • That's really creepy. You don't take someone to a hotel on a first date.

    • I guess it does sound creepy. But we've known each other for a long time, and we're actually supposed to go do stuff after dinner, and we were both gonna change into more comfortable clothes, so I was gonna leave my clothes at the hotel, and say I forgot it. And I need to go change there. She can wait outside the room.

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