Girls, is it worth it for me to invest the time and energy into getting muscular?

I'm an attractive guy (girls have told me so), and I already have an active social life. I've had gfs since high school, and I don't feel like I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to dating. But I also don't feel like I'm in the top slot, like I'm not the type of guy that girls compete over. I know that some girls are out of my league because I don't have the muscular body that so many girls want on a guy.

I just started working out seriously three months ago, and I can see that it's going to required a serious long-term commitment for me to achieve the body I want. There are a lot of other things to do in life, so I'm wondering whether getting muscular will be worth the time and effort. In other words, will my attractiveness go up enough to make it worth all of that?


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  • For me, I would say definitely yes! I find muscular guys to be sooo attractive. It's not just about the looks, it's about him having the balls and will to train hard and all the strength that all that muscle gives him. I'm a small girl, and a big, muscular guy is my dream.

    I know guys just like you who are good-looking a successful with girls but who aren't exactly sought after. Most of them are thinner and just don't have that physical presence that most muscular guys have. They just look more like boys than men. And yes, I think all of these guys would benefit from weight training. I know one guy who's gorgeous and funny but is really skinny, and his body holds him back in dating. He's been with girls, but if he were muscular, he could have any girl on campus.

    So yes, I think you should go for it. It's a lot of time and effort, but it's worth it. Girls notice, trust me. We notice and we're just as picky about bodies as guys. You're competing with all guys for the best girls, so it never hurts to have a body that stands out. Good luck!

    • Thanks. That's what I thought. I do want to stand out, because right now I'm similar to so many other guys. I'm not that tall (6'0"), I'm not very big (175 lbs), and I'm not the most outgoing guy, though I'm not shy, either. The guys who stand out seem to be the ones who get girls flocking to them. It may be narcissistic in a way to want that, but it is what I want.

    • I don't think that's narcissistic at all. Guys are programmed to mate with girls. It's natural for you to want girls and to want to get your dick in as many girls as possible. It's totally normal and healthy. What isn't healthy are all these guys who play video games all day and are scared and resentful of women. They're the ones that are unnatural and messed up.

      A guy who's working hard in school and on his body to make himself strong and attractive to girls is great. I wish there were more guys like you! If there were, there would be more quality guys for girls to connect with. As it is, most guys are fat and wimpy with no idea how to attract or interact with girls. Sorry to be harsh, but it's true. All guys should be out there trying to make themselves better just like you're doing.

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  • Get muscular primarily because YOU want it, not because you feel like that'll be your main selling point to girls you're interested in. That seems to be a common misconception held by guys, at least guys on GaG. Being muscular will not suffice in landing you girls alone. You'll still need to chat them up and have good compatibility in respect to personality, chemistry, and all.

    • I know, I've already gotten gfs without being muscular, and the key is personality. But I just want to be considered in that top slot rather than having to convince girls that I'm worthwhile.

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    • you're 'asking' yet seem to already have your mind made up..

    • I do want to get in better shape, which is why I started training three months ago. But there's a difference between being in better shape and having a really muscular, aesthetic body. The guys with those kinds of bodies have to work really hard to get in that kind of shape. In many cases they even take drugs, which I'm not willing to do. So I'm curious if it's worth that level of commitment, the kind that gets these guys up at 5 am to train and has them eating chicken breasts and broccoli for every meal.

  • in my eyes, hell yeah. when a guy is muscular, my attraction skyrockets but it's still secondary to personality. i've learned from gag that a ton of girls like leaner guys so it might not be worth it if u don't want to exercise save for impressing girls. a lot of them would be interested regardless.

    • Thanks for your answer.

  • Don't become muscular because you want girls to fight over you. Do it because you want to or because you like working out.

    • But what's wrong with wanting to be sought-after by girls?

    • There's nothing wrong with wanted to be the best you can be for a girl. But don't center your life around being THE guy, because you will find someone.

    • No, I'm not one of these meathead d-bags who drives a Mustang and is only interested in 'getting chicks.' I'm going to school to become a sports medicine doctor. I strive to achieve in school, and I just want to be in the top group compared to other guys. I'm competitive that way.

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