If you have been seeing someone for a couple weeks-month, do you expect they aren't talking with or seeing anyone else?

Like this could fall into casual dates twice or once a week, or even if you went over to each other's houses, made out, sex, etc.

If you found out they were actively looking for others to see and meet up with, would you lose interest?
Also, if someone was planning on meeting with others, isn't that direct insight into how strongly they feel about you? Like if they really liked you, why would they want to see another person.

Personally, I feel like if I have met up with someone a few times and we both are going good, then it should be expected that they aren't trying to see others as well. I wouldn't feel too wanted or special.

  • Yes, it should be even though there isn't a Iabel
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  • No, there isn't a label so no commitments.
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  • It depends. You would hope the person wouldn't be talking and seeing other people at the same time seeing you. But technically they could since their isn't a label. Yes it's wrong but it happens.


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  • Unless exclusivity has been brought up between the two then no. if it has then yes.


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  • I never assume.

    If we have not discussed anything and they have not explicitly said they want to be exclusive I have no reason to think we are. If it matters to me I have the responsibility if bringing up the discussion to see what's up.

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