Girls, extra small endowed partner and insecurity?

So I'm under 2 inches, and on the surface i love my body and i don't want to change it, and I'm not mad about it and i don't have crazy opinions on women or the world because of it...

... but hypothetically let's say we were dating, and i confided in you that it hurt that no matter how much i care about you, i still can't give you something every other guy could? That it hurts so deeply in my heart that i can't show my love for you as good as someone else, and that sometimes i feel like it makes me a bad boyfriend? I want to give the world but it's just impossible... :c

Sorry, the question was what would you say? Or how would you react?


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  • There are other ways to make a girl orgasm if penetration doesn't work. In fact, most women can't orgasm through penetration alone. So even "well endowed" guys often have to try other tricks too (unless their partner fakes for them).
    Just be willing to experiment with different positions and be willing to go down on her. Be willing to work with toys. And keep communication open. You'll have to ask her what feels good, what's working. Ask her to be honest with you because you really want to find the position that works the best.

    • Yea i know, I'm pretty confidant she'd be ok with it, but i guess i was just wondering how the insecurity would factor in. I'm not thinking she'd be unsatisfied, it's just me being sad i can't give her everything

    • but you said you're not mad about it and don't want to change it so that doesn't sound very insecure? and if you're insecure about not being able to "give her something every other guy could," well that's why I explained that many other guys can't give her that anyway, and you can give it to her through other means. So there is no reason for you to be insecure as long as you get her off.
      If a guy kept complaining about it, then yeah that would get annoying.

    • I guess I'm just insecure about being insecure about being insecure. I think too much sometimes :\