Im friends with a boy he likes to bike Now he is waiting for my family approval for us to hangout he tells me to just do it but I'm scared should I?

  • Yes go hangout with him (he's 19 I'm 17)
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  • No wait for ur parents approval ( when ur 18 which is in 7months )
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What Guys Said 2

  • while its true you will be 28 soon you have to learn in your own way which guys are good or bad when it comes to approval because later in life no one but you will make judgement calls on things like this. i would take the chance unless you see something unforeseeable coming out of it with how family can be.

    but make sure he isn't in this just for one thing because most older guys dont really look for close relationships till there more my age its rare for a guy his age to want anything serious yet.

    and dont listen to your heart it will lie to you at your age , trsut your gut instinct on this.

    • He has asked me
      For sex a lot and he would always bring it up I told him no and he said he would wait until I'm 18 to have sex cuz that's the age I want to. My parents always making excuses for us not to meet.

    • I forgot to say we've been meeting secretly since September. I told my parents last month. We met at highschool I was sophomore he was senior. He asked to be friends then but I said no cuz I knew my family wouldn't approve.

    • its there job to do that to keep you innocent till you meet guy they will approve of. they would not be doing there job if they accepted any guy you introduced them to.

  • nobody likes to bike. he's a liar. a dirty rotten liar.


What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on how your family would react. No boy is worth a big family blow out. (Trust me, I've been there before). If you really are scared sit down and actually talk to your parents. Let them know that you'll tell them where you're at, etc. It'll show a sign of responsibility. I used to keep my mom updated when I was out because she was nervous. Also, I saw you mentioned below that you two have been hanging out secretly and you finally told your parents. I really wouldn't see any harm in you two hanging out since you've already done it before. Just be smart, don't give into his games.

    From my perspective though, he's not really a good guy. I mean, he's asking you for sex, then asking you to hang out. He's very persistent. This is a red flag to me because I feel like he'd only being hanging out with you to get laid and then leave. BUT that's my opinion. Just be smart girl and do what YOU think is best.

    • Thank you for the advice and were able to hangout now I sat and talked with my parents. He told me he waited sex in the beginning. Now he says u can wAit but he has condoms in his bike sack. There's a lot too.

    • Well, I'm glad you guys can hang out now. Sometimes you just have to put things in perspective for your parents. It's not always easy; they just want what's best for you.

      Just be careful and make smart decisions, love. If you think you're ready, only you can decide that.