What do I do Ladies and Gents?


This girl and I speak everyday for the past couple weeks, she knows I adore her, we go out for drinks every weekend and im just waiting for her to say she's ready because she's been hurt in previous relationships and has a young child.

She called me on Friday morning and I could tell something was up, she wanted me to meet her. So I did and as soon as I see her she hugs me with tears in her eyes saying please dont be mad. I insisted I wouldn't and she told me she stayed at her exs the night before but all they did was talk and nothing went on. This felt like a kick in the teeth considering the night before she told me she was going to her friend Amy's house and I even offered to take her there !

I know her ex and he's a total weasel he treats her like shit. Yet im here and id die for the girl. Why is she not giving me the chance she gives him? HELP!

P. S we're both 20


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  • I think you should get over her. This whole thing will not end up well if you continue it.

    • Yeah its clear she isn't interested in me that way. I just happened to see her outside the pub we drink at I was driving back from work. She was messaging me then she said she was at home about to go bed.

      I can quickly see whats becoming apparent.

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  • You're trying too hard... Back off a bit and give her the chance to actually come to you. As Martin Heidegger put so succinctly: "We pursue that which retreats from us."

    • Maybe you're right. We had a bit of an argument a few weeks ago and I ignored her. She didn't like it one bit. She was the one putting all the effort it. I guess I just want to know whether or npt im wasting my time.

    • Hard to say at this point... back off for a bit, let her be the one to ask to see you, and let her text first for a bit. She obviously cares about you or she wouldn't have told you about the ex thing. You just have to let her commit more. Should work out just fine