Guys, My date lost interest in me? Or do I have another chance?

He was interested in me after our first date.
He contacted me every two days and told me that he wants to see me.
But I was too busy so I couldn't meet him.
One day, I was stressed out so i wasn't so nice with him and next day I asked him to meet but he didn't even checked the message and 5 days after he contacted me and didn't mention anything about 'ignoring my message' but just asked how I am doing, how my weekend was and what I did.
I answered briefly and he didn't try to continue the conversation unlike before.
And few days after, I asked him to hang out but he couldn't because he wasn't in my city but he didn't suggest other date but told me that he miss seeing me.
Is he really lost his interest in me or do I need to show him that I am interested in him?


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  • For sure you both need to show more interest. This is sorta like a false start! It never really left the ground yet! He is still interested, but remaining defensive about it. Just tell him you want to see him again and you are sorry it has been busy with bad timing. I am sure it is just a lack of communication at this point!


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  • It's possible he has lost interest. But I would give him another shot. Maybe set up another date. See how things go then. Maybe he takes your stress and briefness for disinterest? Try to be friendly, and make every interaction positive.

    Good luck!


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  • no way! No chance!

  • No, at least not overall. However, he is starting to lose it because you already declined him and you weren't nice to him.