Is it a good idea to get back together with my ex from HS after we broke up 4 years ago?

We were HS sweethearts and together from 8th grade to senior year. We did end up at differint colleges and broke up like most HS couples. With that said were done with school and met up for the first time since HS at our 4 years HS reunion and talked for 3 hours and exchanged numbers again. Then we went to her parents house and hung out and started to drink more and she said I should stay and i slept in her bed. There was no sex and we cuddled a little and talked until 4am. That was Sunday night and ever since we have texted nonstop and I feel weird like its a flash back and wonder if we are just into each other cause we dated so long in the past or we are still really attracted to each other and should try again it's a really weird feeling tbh like I'm exited and nervous at the same time.


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  • Take it one day at a time with no preconceived notions about what it is or what might happen.


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  • If both of you are up for it, then try again. No guarantees of a happily ever after ending with a wedding and honeymoon though. If she wants to be with you again and you want the same, then go for it and both of you do your best to try and make it work. Sometimes people want to go their separate ways and move onto other cities or even countries in their careers which will then make it pretty much difficult and impossible. So just treat it as if you can date her even for another short period of time it would still be something to the both of you, good memories and time spent together. If things eventually progress really well and everything is really working out then, well you get the idea of what typically comes afterwards, it's either that or you two eventually would have to split up again. For now, just have fun, hang out and go places and do fun things or go to events together, just don't think or overthink too much about it. Just try to catch up as much as possible for that 4 year hiatus between you two.


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