Told a guy I liked him. Is it a point of no return?

Well, I met a guy online a month ago and I liked his personality. We've talked a lot and even sexted a few times (no pictures) and he said he really wanted to meet up. We went and got ice cream and he spoon fed me and we flirted and we just hung out and talked. I have not done this whole dating thing for years and I guess I don't know the DOs and DONTs. Im a pretty straight up person and say whats on my mind. I ended up telling him I liked him and he said he had a good time but didn't know if we were the best fit. I guess my question is, did I screw this up completely to a point of no return?


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  • I don't think you screwed it up. I think it was a good thing that you were straight-forward with him because you found out his intentions. He probably doesn't feel ready in order to date someone, that's why he turned you down.

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