Girls, Is it fair for a guy to do this?

Ok say a guy is 24 and never had a girlfriend before. Eventually he gets mentally sick of it and swears off trying to find someone. Well what if eventually a girl came along but mentally this guy had already checked out and tells her your too late


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  • It's not a matter of fair or not. It's a matter of stupid or not. Like the average guy lives into his 80s. So do you really want to bitch about how horrible women are for not dating you for the next *50+* years?

    • It really is making me bitter against women

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    • What if I told you that it wouldn't fix stuff I been through cause dating is just a tiny speck of it

    • I'd say it's even more reason to see a therapist.

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  • It's not that fair to the girl in question, I mean, why does she have to be punished for something that was never her fault in the first place?
    Anyway, it's whatever. People do shitty stuff all the time.

    • No it's just a unfortunate situation because some guys don't wanna wait forever