How do you date a guy who has never had a girlfriend before? Whats the best thing to do?

What is the best way to go? Is there anything i should or shouldn't do? Need advice. Whats a good way to keep him interested?


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  • The best thing that you can do is to just roll with it. He has no idea what he is doing so cut him some extra slack. When your mad at him tell him exacticually why your mad and what he can do about it.

    • yep lol non of that if u dont no im not going to tell u crap

    • @soulbabe When in a relationship men don't want the mystery of wondering why your pissed because of one simple little thing that he did/did not do. However by all means be pissed when he misses and anniversary.

    • i know thy dont lol and to tell the truth i dont like it either and i lack the focus to be mad longer than 15 min if that and my mikie knows that lol

  • Teach and show him the perks of dating :P

    • how would i get him to hold my hand and stuff? just go for it myself?

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    • How do i make sure it's okay? And we work with each other so whats the best way to keep things on the down low?

    • Just ask :P grab his hand and ask "is this okay?"
      My "motto"- I guess is what you would call it - is keep things simple, don't make it so complicated 👌

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