What is she indirectly telling me?

i have asked her out she said she will give me an answer later in the year when she is not stressing about stuff in her life
She asks me to go with me on holiday.
In person she spoke about her ex about also wanting to take her on holiday.
she told me how one guy got jealous of me earlier in the year.
she spoke about the guys annoying her and how dumb he is.
what is she trying to tell me indirectly


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  • I don't think she is trying to tell you anything indirectly. Anyway, she is not that into you. She will be probably using you to get free vacations or some shit.


What Guys Said 1

  • She 's saying, hey I got all these guys hitting on me but I'm not going out with them becuz of u, so you'd better make a move before I dump u like them.

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