Why would a guy end it this way?

I started dating a guy of 45, we became elexusive fairly quickly. We went out for around 3 mths. All was ok until I missed a good night text from him. I have kids so I never intentionally ignored him. The next day he sent me a message at midday asking if everything was OK, I replied yes and a few messages were exchanged, he then decided to not read my last message. iPhones read tell us this info. I didn't think too much of it until the next day when he still hadn't read my message. I knew something was up but it seemed childish to me. He then sends text the next day asking if he was reading to much into the lack of communication.
i sort of implied he'd ignored my last message but was cool with him. Asked if he was ok etc. I could tell things were off so I left it until the following with a text saying I sensed a change and that if he didn't feel the same to just tell me instead of becoming distant.
His reply was that although he had many feelings for me he felt that he wanted long term and that every other wk end wasn't what he wanted and he wasn't going to be free on Saturdays and Sunday's my kids come home and that he didn't think it would work long term.
I said I understood and that's how it was left.
I've gone over it again and again and can't believe after he pursued me with a rose, dinners out, meeting my kids, his son, friends and telling me he thought I was special that he'd just walk away like that.
Would I maybe right in thinking he possibly sabotaged it due to overthinking or maybe sensed I'll pulled back slightly?


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  • it sounds like he made a rational decision based upon how much of your time he could get. that is unfortunate because people do have great relationships when there are kids.

    But does texting sabotage relationships... I'd say yes it does. It is so easy to botch communication by text, it takes no skills to mis communicate. I wrote a mytake on it, and I've botch them myself. It would be better to use smoke signals or send your neighbor on horseback with a note. at least you wouldn't expect immediate answer that way.

    My rule is... you aren't allowed to emotionally react to a text. If you find that you are, then you have to call them and talk it out.


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  • He sounds immature and not what you need. I'd drop him and move on, you don't need someone who's going to play games or someone who's going to get offended at the slightest thing.


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  • maybe it got sabotaged due to overthinking or its highly possible as he said that he's not going to be free on saturdays and sunday's

  • Cherry what panties you wearing


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