How do I know if a lovely Namibia German gentlemen is interested?

I've been friends with a wonderful German getlemen for more that 5 years now. We became friends through work. I am both a supplier and client to the company he works for.

We have had a rather close relationship and I recently let it slip after 5 years that I really Like him in a more personal way. The response I got was rather disappointing Quote: He can't get involved.

He has never been in a relationship , and does not have a girlfriend.

He always use to be able to look me in the eyes , yet he is now very shy and he barely makes eye contact when we talk.

I am so humbly in Love with this man , I've been for more than 5 years.

Should I walk away and keep it at business , or does he feel the same and is just to shy to say it?


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  • Reactions differ by culture, but i think he's not interested. Sorry.


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  • I don't see how him being German has anything to do with it :p.
    Anyway, you already got your answer. He cannot get involved, which means he is not interested.

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