What would you do if your s/o was constantly too busy to see you?

My situation is my s. o. is having trouble in school so during the week we can never see each other (even though we live 5 minutes away) and last weekend I was sick and this weekend they're apparently too busy to see me. So it will have been 3 weeks by the time we see each other, so yeah, I'm a little less than thrilled. Well what would do if your s. o. was too busy to see you?


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  • I go at least a month without seeing mine. If you love them you learn to be okay with it

    • Wow that sucks TBH :(

    • ya but when you love someone it is worth it. If you don't love this person you are wasting your time

  • You watch what you want on tv and always have the remote lol
    You pretty much get used to it...


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