Why is dating more based on looks and social status these days?

Truthfully I don't get it. I see so many of these quotes being passed around online about how people just want honesty and realness in a relationship, yet they go around saying that people are "not their type" and cut them off without even trying to be friends because they don't look a certain way or have X amount of money in their bank account. I think it's pathetic. What people say they want and what they go after are two entirely different things, for both genders for the most part.


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  • yeah i get what your saying. but the majority of the time guys dont expect a girl to look like a goddess, just like we, females, dont expect a guy to be a millionaire. but those traits still do matter to an extent. both genders dont want someone who isn't attractive whatsoever because sex is an important part of the relationship and if you aren't at all attracted to the person physically, it just isn't going to work. same with money, dont need to be a millionaire but nobody wants to be with someone who is completely broke. because just why. its not thatt hard to get a job.


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  • That's always been the case