Is Sunday noon a good time for a date, or is it too cliche"... I happen to have a half day on Sunday but I feel like it will make it too "datee"?

I lreally like this guy. We already hang out so I don't believe he will understand I like him unless I do something to show I do. So I am a going to ask him to do something low-key with me on my half day off. I just don't want it to feel formal and I'd if its on a Sunday afternoon that might make it stressful. Because it's a traditionally date day.

  • Sunday is fine. If that freaks him out he's not ready to date anyhow.
  • Sunday is too formal.. ask him for a week day during your free time. Even if it's not a day off.
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  • maybe another day is best like Friday. Sunday does have a traditional vibe but he could be way nervous and Sunday may put a lot of pressure so try something more laid back.

  • So.. a Sunday brunch? Cool.

    • I was thinking wall in the park. I love outdoors and I'd rather not eat on a date.


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    • Lol yeAh I guess it sounds like some new kind of cool activity :)

    • I'm Greek, I thought this was just some kind of thing parks have abroad.😂😂