Should I worry?

My boyfriend and I are long distance at the moment, and because of such a distance and his phone is really screwed up so we only can speak through kid messenger, but its been a few days since i've heard from him, so i went to text him yet again and it said his phone has been off/disconnected and I'm so worried because what if he's hurt, or if i never hear from my damn boyfriend again, i haven't heard from him now a week, my friend thinks maybe he's just getting a new phone like he said he needed too. But i feel like he would have told me, am i over worried? should i just patiently wait? i guess I'm so worried cause it was my only form of contact with him at the moment😬🙁

I meant kik messenger not kid


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  • Yeah, that's weird. I imagine he'd use a friends phone to let you know he's alright, but us mere men can sometimes be a bit absent minded. Do you know any of his friends that live near him? I might suggest calling one of them.

    • I sadly don't know any of his friends, and as much as I love him, he can be a bit absent minded yes. I don't think he realizes I worry as much as I do, but it may be nothing. I guess I'll just have to wait it out until I hear from him

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  • So he has no facebook account at all? If his phone is actually dead, then why didn't he call you from another number to reassure you that everything is okay? I don't know girl, that sounds pretty sketchy ><.

    • Yeah I know, I dont know about his phone. Maybe he got his phone taken away maybe, he's just so absent minded and apologies so much for it. I'm more concerned on the fact that he lives close to a lot of dangerous crap that has been happening, so I'm scared somethings wrong

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    • ... How old is he?

    • I'm 16 and he's 17

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