Should I change my age?

So I'm 22.
But I look like I'm 30-40.
Everyone says it.

When I'm talking to a woman and we are chatting and she shows signs of attraction I tell her my real age... You can literally see the lights fade in her eyes.
Women are 100% turned off by a young man who looks old.

So should I change my age so I can tell them I am 30 and they don't dismiss me?


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  • No. WTF man. You think we won't find out how old you actually are? Guess what, we will. And when we do we will dump your sorry ass like a fucking hot potato.

    That's just a really scummy thing to do.

    • Not really. If I'm perceived to be 30 then I ought to fulfill that perception.
      I don't think you know what its like to have people make fun of you and to literally not take interest in you because of your age.

      No woman my age wants to be with a man who looks 10 years older than them... Why should I have to wait till I'm 30 to have a shot at the dating scene?

    • Dude I'm 18 and I look like I'm 12. I get made fun of and dismissed plenty. That doesn't mean I lie and tell people that I'm 12. If someone is going to count me out because I look different than my age then that's their problem. I'm not about to be dishonest and be anyone other than who I am.

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  • That might work for a one night stand, but a relationship built on a lie is never going to last.

    • But the key to a relationship is being able to get a woman...

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  • Yeah just tell em you're 30... No reason to deal with the negatives of being older without the perks.

  • Yes, that's the only logical thing to do

    • Well yeah. Why wait till I'm 30 to start dating?