I talked to a guy straight for 3 months and he disappears?

I met this guy on a dating website. We talked straight for 3 months. (Texting) I sent him a text a week ago. Asking if he wanted to talk on the phone. I didn't get a response or a call? Should I just take that as he doesn't want to talk to me? Or should I ask him if everything is ok?

  • Take it as he probably doesn't want to talk on the phone
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  • Ask him what's up?
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I don't want to force him to talk to me.
It really stinks I wish he would've just told me he didn't wanna talk anymore. :(


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  • Ask him what's up, if you don't get a response then take it as he's uninterested

    • But, if he really wanted to talk to me... he would at least text me right? I don't want to force him to talk to me. I don't want to keep pushing this either because I'm already been kinda upset. Because I thought/ was hoping this would go somewhere.

    • Most likely, but if you're interested give it one more go, and if you don't hear back then move on

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  • Take it as he probably doesn't want to talk on the phone

    • Or probably at all considering he hasn't even texted me! :(

    • Yeah I am sorry. )":

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  • You know what you need to do.. don't you? ;)

    • Actually... no... I don't?

    • Bang, bang, chity-chity, bang, bang.. you need to pay him a visit in person, "show" him how attracted you are to him.. then you can get back to texting. :)

    • Umm... yeah! I'm not that kinda person! He lives like SEVERAL hours away from me.

  • Maybe his wife caught him and erased his account, something happened abruptly that's for sure


What Girls Said 1

  • Wow this must be a trend for guys online now. This happened to me. Not in the same context but he just stopped talking to me. If he doesn't respond then he either has something going on or he's not interested anymore.

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