I think I might have to let him down... maybe?

I am very very sure a friend of mine on my college course likes me in a 'more than friends' way. Just the little things he does and says make me think this. He hasn't been direct but he's shy af so he wouldn't. Thing is, I don't like him back that way and I just feel like every time he says something nice, I'm letting him down. I really want to ask him if he likes me, but honestly, I'm too scared, and don't know how I would go about it without the horrible possibility of losing him or making things awkward.
He knows my views on dating within my course, that being I never would until the course either ended or one of us left.
I guess i just don't quite know how to go about this situation and could do with a little help. Thanks for even taking the time to read this. And if you comment, thank you it means a lot to me!

Because we are friends, and I care about him, I really really don't want to hurt him. To see him hurt, would hurt me


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  • Has he asked u out? If he does, it's obvious that he likes u.

    • No he hasn't but as i said, he's incredibly shy and quiet anyway so i think he would have trouble navigating the 'asking out' bit. The things that makes me very sure that he likes me is just the small things he does and/or says to me

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    • But how would i go about doing that :/ without hurting him or making things awkward

    • If I were u, I'd talk about other guys you're seeing/dating, and emphasize what a great FRIEND he is. See if he gets it, if he doesn't and continues doing all the 'nice things' to u, tell him that some other girls deserve more of his attentions than u. Trying to keep him as a friend while u clearly know he likes u isn't considerate, if u truly care about him, u have to risk losing him.

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  • Don't tell him anything. If he ever opens up to you, then simply mention to him that you do not see him in that way.

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