Ok from the beginning.. Summer school on the first day she sat behind me and I turned around and had to ask her name and all the basic get to know questions. And for the rest of summer school everyday right before class started she would tap me on my back until I turned around and she would be smiling and say "Hey" and draw smiley faces on my notes. Sometimes we even went to the library after class and she would be rubbing my arms and offer me food all the time. So fall semester came around we had another class together she would rub my arms, tell me how strong I was and said I could beat up anybody, she called me cute and would take me onto the roof of the science building and we smoked her wax pen. Obviously I thought she was coo and we talk over snapchat and I would say some risky stuff (sexually) and she would either not reply at all or say "your crazy" but she always would brush it off and approach me the next day like nothing ever happend. We had a group project and she wasn't helping and at that time I felt like I was being led on so I cussed her out like bad I called her a "stupid b****" some other stuff.. Then spring semester starts and AGAIN she acts like I never called her all those bad names. In fact we had a gap of time between classes so we went to get sushi and other types of food on many occasions we would listen to music, she would record me, ask to use my comb, and always asked me when a random girl walked by if I thought they were pretty. To which I would always reply "ehhh" I always compliment her but she always says "sure" as if I didn't mean it. I still cuss her out because I get frustrated and I instantly regret it.
Yeah that's kinda where were at. She's still with her boyfriend but I swear she doesn't love him like she never posts pictures of them on her Instagram and everytime he posts himself on her snapchat she deletes it. They broke up one time and she told me he was crying like a bitch. Her friends say she complains that he's boring.


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  • You can't be with her. She's not into you, and you don't know how to be an adult.

    • Okay why can't I be with her? And so your saying she's just a tease? And I go to UCLA don't say I dont "know" how to be an adult. I let emotions get the best of me is that such a crime?

    • cause you cannot control your feelings, and verbally lash out at her when she does something you disapprove of.

    • @howzit2015 Your history doesn't show that you are very mature or that you are ready to handle a real relationship/someone doing things you don't approve of. If you go cursing someone out when they displease you, you will never keep a woman that respects herself. Besides that, this girl is obviously just not that into you. I mean, she currently has a boyfriend and everything. Stop being the crutch guy.

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  • As long as she's still in a relationship, you should keep your feelings hidden. Also stop calling her names, that's just immature.

    • I'm pretty sure she knows I like her. Maybe she doesn't think my intentions are genuine because I acted like a asshole for a short while. How do I fix it? I mean last week was her birthday and she liked what I gave her she thought it was super cute. I don't know :(

    • Not really anything you can do since she's in a relationship.

  • I will tell you what you don't want to hear. You should not pursue her. She is with someone else.

    • All right ever since I read the first few comments I typed a text to her saying I was sorry for the bad names, and for not respecting her relationship.
      She responded saying "are you okay? What's wrong? Don't worry I don't care if (boyfriends name) doesn't like you he's not stopping me from hanging out with you."

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  • just leave her alone. don't be the guy who breaks up a couple and if you two did start dating what makes you think she won't leave YOU for someone better?

    • Nah I can't leave her alone I like her too much. And if we dated and she left me for someone "better" haha I wouldn't mind. I just hate the fact that right now she's giving it up to a lame

    • she doesn't like you the way you like her, and you should stop verbally abusing her. if she liked you she would have dumped her boyfriend and made herself available for you.