Would you date a curvy girl in highschool even if your friends didn't find her attractive?

I have an hourglass shape and am fit but when I was in high school like no guys wanted to date me but I could tell they were interested. I was and am still very nice and respectful and I would also get complimented a lot... anyway I over heard my younger cousins talking about the same thing...
They are both curvy and fit but guys don't date them.. why? Is it because the friends of thr guys that like the girl don't find her attractive or something?

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  • that depends on the guy, because in high school, judgment from your peers will make you do a lot of stupid shit, or make you NOT do anything at all, like go out with a girl you like.


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  • I wouldn't care squat for what my friends thought. Especially if a girl was nice and respectful (very attractive qualities btw) AND as a bonus she was fit and curvy then I'd definitely be attracted to her and want to ask her out.

  • If I were interested I wouldn't care about what my friends would think. No one should care, you should do what's good for you, it's your life. That's how I'd deal with it.

  • 1- i don't date high school chicks
    2- it's probably cause you're ugly
    3- depends what you mean by curvy... girls tend to have a different idea of curvy than dudes

    • Hm I get told I'm beautiful by guys and girls so I don't think its that. I'm talking about WHEN I was in high school
      And an hour glass shape? I have a 27" waist , E Cup (that's a bra size) and 36" hips.. I'm very respectful too and why would guys stare at me all the time and compliment me if I were ugly

    • i don't know you. none of us do. we can't say why dudes don't like you. i don't play this game where i list reasons then you say "but this", "but why" "but x said". i'm saying reasons why they might not like you like that

  • Don't be absurd, i don't have any friends.


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