I have liked a guy for more than a year now, we are friends but what do I do with these feelings?

In summary, I have been liking a guy for well over a year, at first it began as a crush, me wanting to be close to him, get to know him... from this crush we ended up being friends. Although I wouldn't say close friends where we would meet or do anything outside of school, but we would say hi, sit next to each other on the bus have great convos.

Anyway, I kept the idea of me liking him pretty secretive, Summer came and I forgot all about him, we did not keep in contact and it was all good. However school began again and my feelings reappeared. December was when I officially realized that this crush of mine was more than a crush. I really liked him and could not stop thinking about him so I decided to text him for the first time. Unfortunately our texts are so different, like he never texts first, and takes forever to respond (texts are rare now). It kinda hinted that he doesn't really like me but my feelings remain. March, his friends began talking to me more, and acknowledging me. They even let me join in in on their convos which is pretty nice, but they do however instigate. There are times where they ask me questions and then relate them to my crush.

Questions have included:
"How would you rate the chemistry between you and [crush]"
"Would you ever consider being his wife?"
"Would you like to have children?" (I answered no. They look at him.) "you might want to rethink on your options."
Crush got made fun of for acting gay, Crush: "Oh I know what I like" (his friends look at me and look at him again, he laughs)

This is actually driving me crazy, even the teachers in the school instigate saying how we are always together. My crush just laughs it off, what is he even thinking, what do I do?

Recently, the instigation's has died off, I guess it is exam season, everyone is busy. After exams the chances of me seeing him are pretty slim, so I guess my question is: what is the best course of action like, he gives me mixed emotions... I don't know what to do anymore.


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  • so much for the "just friends" concept. Thanks for providing one more evidence that women and men can't be just friends.

    • Unfortunately, your response is irrelevant to the question, unhelpful and certainly unappreciated. "So much for the just friends concept." Very mature. You cannot base your arguments on life experiences and events that you yourself have experienced or seen. Such arguments are weak and cannot be used to generalise to the 7 billion other individuals that are currently estimated to live in this world. This occurrence, or shall I say personal account cannot be used to prove the statement: "Women and men cannot just be friends." This is due to the many individual differences that occur within personal accounts. You cannot say that this particular situation is the same for other individuals who also experience male and female relationships. Therefore such generalisations cannot be made and thus it can be argued that your so called "evidence" it's really in fact not an evidence, but just the situation of one particular individual. Therefore I conclude that your opinion is thus irrelevant.

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  • If he already hinted to you that he doesn't like you, maybe you should find ways to move on. If I were in your position, I'd probably stop being that close to him.

    • He hasn't hinted anything which is why I'm asking this question else I would have moved on by now. I'm just really confused, I feel like he likes me because of what his friends have been doing and the way he is around me, but at the same time I feel like he doesn't because we never contact each other outside school...

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