Should I call back a girl who said she will call back but didn't?

On sat we had a hang out my friends invited this girl. The girl didn't show up because her parents didn't let her. So I texted her.I go the number from my fiends. she didn't mind. she answered back. I invited her to play pool on sat she said Aight we'll see. I called her on Monday to talk to her.

She doesn't know me I don't know her except I added her on Facebook she saw my picture.

So I just asked what's up this is "my name" How you doing. She said who is this.

I said "my name this kids cousin."

She said Why did you call me.

Her voice sounded intense.

I said I am not a stalker or anything just wanted to get to know you.

She said I can't talk now I will call you back later.

My cousin already told her about me the reason there was a hang out on sat is because she asked about me when I added her on Facebook I said I was this kids cousin. So she came up to my cousin and asked about me. He said if you want you can come play pool with us.

So my question is should I call her or text her to find out if she will go with me on sat or something. The day this question is posted its already wed.

I planned to show up at my cousin's school to make it look I am meeting him but he will walk out with the girl. Just so she can see who I am. you know.

Thank you in advance


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  • Dont call her just give it some time.

  • Not call her it makes you look needy..give it time and let her look for u

    • But can I still meet with my cousin like a hangout while he walks with her and just say hi.

    • Thanks

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