I got out of the friendzone Woohoo! Now what?

Every since I got out of the friend zone with this guy, our relationship has become awkward. We're going on a date tomorrow. How do I make it less awkward?


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  • With a hug and kiss...

    • Ugh I should've gone with your advice. We talked like friends. It was nice, but We made no physical contact.

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    • Yes, but he's super shy. He's never gone on a date before.

    • Well you're definitely gonna have to make the first move... be confident and go for it, you have nothing to lose. 👍👍

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  • Fake it until you make it! Seriously though, if you pretend it's not awkward, then they'll be more relaxed, which in turn, will relax you.

    Try not to make it awkward, have some things in mind that you'd like to talk about, or even something you'd like his advice on. It makes it easier if you're both thinking of solutions and talking about them. Have fun!

    • It was fun, but we made no physical contact at all!!

    • Oh no, maybe next time you see him, hug him hello?

  • Congrats sista ! Lol. Well, try making each other laugh. go to a place where their will be lots of people around (idk why but it's made me less awkward and nervous on first dates) all potential relationships start as just friends so , you can still treat him like a close friend just more romantic ;) try and look ur best too ! etc. good luck

    • I looked my best. But I came late. (15 mins) I think he was a little pissed, but when we started talking it was amazing. No physical contact though. It was like we were friends.