How important are looks?

This is a question that could cause WWIII within the dating community. How important is looks? It's a 50/50 split with some people thinking that it isn't that important and others believing it's the most vital thing in a relationship. In my opinion, looks is somewhat of an importance. It's not a vital importance, but it's important and I believe that's what most girls my age believe, that's probably why the girls I'm attracted to never like me back. So what are your guys opinion on looks?


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  • In the general scheme of things, the following is true:

    1) Good looks never hurt either sex
    2) Bad looks hurt the female sex more than the male sex
    3) Good looks in the female sex is really all a female needs. Whether she can keep someone worthwhile is a different story. Good looks in the male sex is not all that he needs. Girls have a laundry list of things: funny, caring, thoughtful, successful, confident, etc. Sad to say, the older the girl gets, the longer her list gets. lol!
    4) Girls your age are dumb. At your age, it could be your looks but not necessarily. Girls your age are also prone to "bad boys". Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    My suggestion is to forget about girls right now and concentrate on doing well in school so you will be successful in life. For a guy, success trumps looks any day, at least once the girl gets out of her teens to mid-twenties.

    (And if you ever really wanted to start WWIII, I suggest you not use "looks" but weight. Over-weight for a girl is harder than it is for a guy. Discussing body types and body weight would definitely start WWIII :p )

    Good luck to ya'. :)

    • Bad looks hurt the female sex more than male, what does that mean?

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    • Sorry? I didn't get it.
      And would you mind talking in messages? 😞

    • @dcoolguy Sorry I wasn't clear. I was just trying to being funny but obviously I failed. lol! :)

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  • if you don't look good you get treated bad basic fact of life


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  • its pretty important, i can't be with a guy that im not attracted to. im a little shallow he has to be at least cute like a 6-7. if he's not classically handsome then he needs to have an ultra masculine sex appeal

  • very important!


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