Why would he smile during a conversation?

My guy friend always smiles quite obviously whenever I talk to him. Today, I asked him, about his smiling. He fumbled a bit, because he was surprised I asked, then he said that he just remembered something funny.


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  • Why did you ask him about his smiling? It sounds like you believe he likes you and you asked him why he was smiling when you talked to him so you could confirm that suspicion? Is that correct?

    If so, his answer did not get you any closer to knowing whether he likes you or not.. If you like him, why not ask him out? Guys have to ask us out all the time not knowing if we really like them.

    If you do not like him, why do you care if he smiles at you or not while you are talking and why wonder about his answer to your question enough so to post it as a question here?

    This seems a little silly to be asking? Doesn't it?


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  • He could just be high all the time.


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