Should I consider him?

Back in December I met these two guys and the three of us all hit it off instantly. I instantly developed a crush on one of them (let's call him W) while the other developed a crush on me (I'll call him J). While I did consider dating J, W had my full attention and eventually, W and I started dating. Throughout the whole thing, J was really supportive even tho he made his feelings clear, he wanted us to be happy. However, W was nothing but a two-timing jerk. It's been two months since W and I broke up and I haven't talked to J in three months. He texted me tonight and was being his normal goofy, flirty and caring self. I don't know if it's a good idea for me to think this, but I might have chosen wrong back then.

I feel I should clarify on why I rejected J.., I rejected him bc 1, he was a little bit too energetic and it was draining. 2, I thought he was a playboy who didn't actually care for me and 3, W was honestly the only guy I could look at.


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  • It's always a good idea - and a mature idea - to be willing to admit your mistakes.


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  • You did, hopefully, you can fix that, but only if you feel the same way about him. Don't go and play with his feelings if you know yourself how much it can hurt.