What do girls like being teased about?

If you had to make a list of topics girls actually liked being teased...

Obviously weight, age, and physical things are on the no list.

But what do they like to be teased on?


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  • Nothing, unless there is already a solid, secure relationship between you so she doesn't feel insecure or insulted by the comments.

    • You are correct.

      I tested you theory, teased a girl I did not know and she was upset.

      Don't tease anyone you don't know :)

    • Daw poor girl, but ya, we're a sensitive bunch lol

    • Lol, nothing major, we matched on Tinder, I was just trying to be a little playful but she unmatched me.

      You girls like being teased, but only when the guy knows you and doesn't hurt your feelings.

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