To Call or Not To Call?

I've been talking to a guy from NY (I live in NC) for a couple of weeks, and during our last conversation we talked about his coming to visit me in about a week and a half. I felt the conversation went very well and at the end, he had some work to do (he's a criminal lawyer) and said he would call me back later. He didn't, and hasn't since then (that was Tues. this is Fri.), unless the restricted call I didn't answer the next morning was him (it was restricted the night before) but if so, he didn't leave a msg.


He called the next morning, I didn't answer, and is waiting for me to call him back.

We talked about some things that could potentially scare either of us off (it didn't for me, but.he might not know that?).

He didn't call and is not going to, for whatever reason.

He is waiting to call because he is a)very busy or b)testing to see if I am a psycho stalker who will lose it if he doesn't pay constant attention to me.

My question is: If it weren't for the restricted call on Wed. morning, (that I didn't answer), I wouldn't even consider calling, I'd wait for him to call me.but.should I just drop an email or text, in case it WAS him, so that he doesn't think I'm ignoring him?


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  • Okay so I am also talking to a guy in NY and I live in NJ so I can kind of relate. I don't think you scared him off or anything because that didn't seem like a pressuring conversation. If I were you I would just send him a little text like "'s your week going" or something non invasive so that he doesn't think your ignoring him.hope it helps.good lucK!