Girls, why would a girl who agreed to 3rd date ignore my messages for 3 weeks than read my facebook message when I cut contact for a week?

she she felt comfortable with me and has quite a busy life!
Although she posted a lot during that period on her facebook wall?


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  • you need to be straight forward at this point and ask her out on another date. If she acts flaky you'll know she isn't interested. Give her a chance to reach out to you, make an open request to see her but don't put pressure on her if that makes sense. If she's playing games, just leave her be, don't waste your time, nothing good will come of it! Even if she's genuinely busy, if she's into you, she'll find time for you. Maybe she needs more time to get closer to you, maybe she really isn't interested, the only way to know for sure is to ask!

    • thanks so how could I say it?

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    • I don't know you or her. Only you know the best way to ask her. She sounds like she isn't interested or she wants you to put a lot of effort in. Either way, try being more upfront and insistent and see how she reacts. Maybe plan a cool date. If she responds in a positive way you'll know she's just the type who doesn't like to put effort in at the beginning. I don't know, I usually make my feelings very clear from the beginning, although it hasn't gotten me very far, so maybe she's been through a lot of bad experiences with guys who didn't match her effort.

    • So how should I word the next message than?

  • I'd give her space and if she really likes you; she will make time for you! You should let her initiate contact with you and hat will give you your answer. If you pursue her too much, she might feel claustrophobic in the relationship and back off. You should let her chase you, if she does then she is genuinely interested and if not she is playing you.

    • how much space? I sent her a text a week ago saying I liked her a lot and wanted to know how she felt, no reply?
      I accidentally deleted her of Facebook but added here but my request is pending?

      What I am saying is should I date other girls why she decides what she wants?

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    • been about two weeks

    • I'd move on