Is he attracted to me?

- Asked me for a date the day after we met
- Is very interested and curious about my life both personal and career wise
- Told me I'm the coolest person he met ever since he moved here
- Would sometimes randomly mention how cute I am
- Never flaked out, never said no to hanging out, initiates dates often
- Always responds to texts
- Looks me deep in my eyes and smiles often
- Opens doors for me, moves chair for me
- One time he moved my hair from my face when wind messed it up
- Compliments me a lot
- Plays footsie under the table and would hold my hand sometimes
- Talks to his friends about me
- Likes/comments on my FB posts
- Talks about himself and is sometimes showing off (like showing his tattoo's)

- Doesn't text first much
- Moves around often (changing cities, countries)
- Is a workaholic
- Turned his cheek when I tried to kiss him
- Said he doesn't want to engage in dating me because he doesn't want to end up being jerk who used me and then left
- Said his LDR ex is messing with his brain

And is still making a lot of effort to keep me in his life. We met 2 months ago by the way.


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What Guys Said 1

  • all i needed to see was the first thing "- Asked me for a date the day after we met"

    yes he's attracted to you

    • Thnx for reply. I guess I am just not sure if he rejected me because he's really honest or because he's not attracted to me. And it it would be stupid to ask him that. :P

What Girls Said 1

  • I think he is only keeping you around for insurance. Meaning, just dragging you along and pulling you out of the box for when he needs you. His LDR ex is messing with his brain? What kind of shit is that? Why would he even tell you that? He needs to handle that. Also, he said he doesn't want to engage in dating you because he doesn't want to end up being a jerk who used you and then left. Sooooo, this makes me further believe that he just wants to keep you around for sex. You're an option for him. He's not serious at all. Forget this dude. Also, don't believe everything he says and all the footsies.

    • Ye everything is kinda shady... But we didn't have sex, though. If he wanted to use me for sex he would I wanted to have sex but he didn't.