He likes me but doesn't show it what?

I'm 16. I know this guy likes me for sure, but he's really shy. I've been the one making this relationship happen, so I want him to make a move. We went on a date two days ago and there was NO physical contact. He doesn't compliment me. He doesn't flirt. It's like we're friends, but I know he likes me as more than that.


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  • it just takes time for really shy guys to open up we have to trust a girl first, we dont want to waste our feelings on a girl that may seem too good to be true and will date and ditch us, which tends to be a common thing and it hurts. so the best thing for a girl to do is just keep initiating and showing your love and desires for him.

    • We started out as friends though, so we are comfortable with each other. I've flirted with him endlessly, but he never reciprocates.

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    • Yes. I flirt with him crazily and have asked him out a couple times.

    • he's just shy, give him time

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  • Maybe he is clueless on how to flirt with you. Maybe it's the first time he is on a date and he doesn't know how to act.

    • He is, and it is his first time on a date. But I've knownhim for a long time. We're for the most part kinda comfortable with each other.

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  • he's shy he needs you to help him feel comfortable... its all good.. go for it

    • I've flirted with him endlessly, but he never returns it.

    • Would you take it further with advances

    • What kind of advances?

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