Does he like me or no?

So I've been talking with this guy off and on since January. We have gone on quite a few dates 6+ and we typically talk everyday. Lately when we text its sporadic and long drawn out hours between each text. I mentioned it on our last date and he said all i need to do is text whats up and he's fine. He doesn't like a lot of attention etc. He explained he likes me a lot and we are working towards the same thing (dating and getting to know each other more) and that i just need to trust him. He explained he would be honest and straight up and wouldn't lead me on. Im not trying to be needy but our communication in the beginning of us talking was more than now. I know i should express how i feel that's obvious. But i also suffer from anxiety and i mean we are still in an early stage of dating and i hate for anyone to have to bare through my anxiety. I know eventually i need to tell him. What i want to know is, does he still like me? Is he just a horrible texter? What should i do?


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  • Look miss, we can never tell what one feels... the only way you'll know if he admits it to you or shows dedication for you. Or you know for certain there's spark...


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  • I think he likes you. However, I think you should be going on more dates with him.