Do you believe being photogenic and non photogenic is real?

My whole life i have always seen my picture and absolutely hated it. Its to the point where i can't believe anyone could possibly be attracted to me. In the mirror, or any type of reflection though, its a different story. Now i know mirrors and reflections don't give you certain depth perceptions and features so its almost considered as false. If it is false, how come i get the attention i would only get with the physical appearance i see in these reflections? You are your biggest critic, i know that but not to this extent.
Moving forward, i started a new job almost a month ago, and i have 2 girls that have made it clear they are interested in me. I really hate using the number system but its the only way to get my point across. So in real life girl #1 is a high 6 or maybe a 7/10, girl #2, is a 9/10,
but if you look at their pictures it's the complete opposite. girl #1 is always 9/10, doesn't matter if she's ready for the pic, or someone is snapping it without her knowledge. girl #2 is never higher then a 7, and thats if she's realy trying for the pic, otherwise she's like a 6 maybe even a 5.

what about you, do you beleive it? have you had/ know people who definitly provided proof?
im not going into detail with this, but do you think your aura (energy you give off,) can physicaly effect how people physically see you?

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  • This is not even a debate tbh. I'm the living example that it's real and basically everybody I know either looks better in photos or worse than they do irl. If anyone actually looks exactly like they really do in photographs they should consider themselves extremely lucky because they are!

    • do you think look better or worse in pictures?

    • Worse definitely.. People always tell me that, too but then it's probably better than the other way around lol at least nobody is disappointed when they see me irl

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  • I don't by that jog wash. It's all to do with angles.

  • Yes I believe its possible

  • I have always been told I look much prettier in person too


What Guys Said 2

  • No. As a professional photo taker. I know that anyone can look good in a photograph. I do think that the way we feel has a strong affect on other peoples perception of us though.

    • As a photographer have you ever experienced something similar to my example? Your profession gives your opinion more credit then the rest of us, so a detailed answer would be appreciated.

    • Well, if you just spontaneously snap a photograph of either yourself or someone else, as many of us do, particually these days with our phones. Your not considering any of the technical issues which when not take into account lead to "bad" photographs. Things like light, camera angle, distance from subject, not placing your subject in the middle of the frame. When you just raise your camera to eye level and snap the photograph rarely comes out as you experienced it and 9 times out of 10 your going to end up with an unflattering photograph. So, even the most beautiful person in the world can look "bad" in a photograph.

  • I know some ugly people who look really good in pictures. They look like this in person... 👹