I feel like he just isn't interested anymore?

The guy I am seeing is away at uni (3hrs away).
We spent all summer together - had an amazing time, enjoyed each others company and talked constantly when we weren't with each other.
When he first left he talked to me all the time, said he loved me, that he wanted to come back and be with me.

He comes home every few weeks and we spent time together. He was home for holidays and we spent time together. Now he has gone back and things have changed.

He said he missed me last week but apart from that I barely heard from him.
He has been busy and i get that but it isn't just that. I brought up that i barely hear from him and so he has made more effort this week. He called me last night and we had a good quick chat, i was so happy.
This morning i texted him. I know he is tired but it's like every conversation we have is a drag. He won't respond to messages or takes ages or one word replies. I know it seems trivial but it's just such a change that it makes me sad.

He said we can talk when he is back but i honestly don't know what to say. I feel like he wants me there and maybe still loves me but he just isn't interested anymore.

What do I do?


What Guys Said 1

  • You should bang another guy and tell him or send him a picture of you kissing another guy and will see how interested he is after that,


What Girls Said 1

  • Give it some time. Stop contacting him for a while. If he won't ever initiate, it means it's probably over.

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