Like me or just friends?

Let it be said, I do like this girl, and would love to be more than friends, but am fine with just being friends. Recently, she has been more flirty, sends me hearts, kind of acts like a girlfriend but without the title. Like I said, acts very flirty, stays by my side, texts me, calls me etc. However, I also have times where she's cold and ignores me. Stupid as it sounds, we have a snapstreak and we are each others #1 best friends, so we talk a LOT. My question though, she will be flirty with me, send me hearts, act like a girlfriend as I said, but then she gives me one word replies, ignores my messages, and talks about "other boys" and "other hot guys". I try and do what I can, and always be there for her, so she knows I care about her. Is there a chance of her liking me, or just really close friends? I just don't know how to proceed, don't want to make a full of myself.

I know this is kind of broad in some aspects, so feel free to ask for more details if it helps you better evaluate my situation, thanks so much for your insight!


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  • I think she considers you a close friend.


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