Should I transfer colleges to be closer to my boyfriend?

I've been bestfriends with him for 6 years and dating him for 3 years almost.. He stays like an hour and 40 something minutes from me. Well, next Spring I will have to transfer to another college and I just don't know where to go. My scholarship only works in the state I'm in and if I move to where he stays (in another state) then I can't use those scholarships, I would have to get a grant or something. I really want to end this small distance because its annoying and I want to see if this is really something I want with him. But how can I get him to help me plan with transitioning and everything? If I moved there I would be closer to him and not too far from my parents. But if I went to the other schools that's in the same state where I live, then I would still have to drive to visit him. Thing is, my parents won't let me spend a weekend with him and I'm 20 by the way... I have to go down there and come back in the same day, which is annoying and a waste of time and gas. But I'm really scared to move anywhere to be honest, I've never moved before and my first time moving will be out of state or some hours from home. But I'll be okay. I just don't want to get down there with him and things start going downhill. He doesn't really like to plan and I don't like planning every detail, but I at least like to know where I'm headed. HELP? He's a sweet guy but he has his days where I can't stand him, but he's my bestfriend -_- I just don't feel like I'll be able to move there unless I know he has my back. I don't want to feel alone trying to do all of this planning on my own ya know? If y'all have any questions or want to know anything that'll help you answer my question better, feel free to ask!


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  • Your going to have to stay where your scholarships are used, and your parents are going to have to lighten up and allow you to stay overnight there so your not driving back the same day. You may not have an easy transition to get closer to him and everything paid for plus you may need time away from him at times so you can get your school work done

    • That's what I was thinking. I wanna be close to him but then again I don't. My parents will never see eye to eye with me on that one tho, its follow their rules or get out. So I'm tryna get out :/ I don't get why they worry so much about me spending a night with him. I'm getting too old for this

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    • Try for more scholarships that will pay for a dorm, I know there is an app for that called scholly

    • Okay, thank you so much! I'll look into that, I just hope all this works out for the best

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  • "Thing is, my parents won't let me spend a weekend with him"

    If you're 20, how is this even an issue? How far away are the two of you from graduating? Can you two not meet halfway and just not let your parents know? At least it'll give it a trial run to see how it works out.

    • I probably have like 4 more years.. Not sure and he hasn't even started yet. He's trying to go to school but his job has crazy hours so its kinda hard for him right now. But we've been meeting up and I'm just tired of sneaking and not having enough time with him to actually do what we want. I've asked them before about going and trying to compromise but my dad blew up on me and my mama took his side -_- its just complicated.

  • Nah find another hot boy to have fun with, fun in any sense that you can come up with


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