Time to Walk Away?

There's this girl who I really like. I'm a firm believer that if you like someone you let them know that they're special to you, even if you're not getting laid. It was her bday so I sent her some flowers telling her that she was the prettiest girl in my world. Once they were delivered she text saying: "Thank you *my name*, they are absolutely beautiful. That's very nice of you. But you really, really shouldn't have." It's time to walk away right? :(


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  • No, not at all. If she didn't like you, she would have said "Thanks, that's sweet." That gesture showed her you do think she's special and that effort goes a long way. You can't tell at this point if something isn't there or not.

    • Her message didn't seem a little off to you?

    • No. She seemed very grateful and loved it, but she was probably nervous about where to go from there.

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