What makes someone a bad person?

I feel that in relationships both parties should be open and honest with one another. No lies, no secrets. Personally, I don't see what's so hard about that, yet a lot of people in relationships do those EXACT things. If your significant other lied to you, or with-held secrets from you, bending backwards just to conceal them, does that necessarily make them a bad person?


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  • There are bad intentions and there are good intentions, but you can't definitively label someone a good or bad person, there is just too much to consider, like all their actions, and you can't ever know all their intentions. All you can do it determine what you accept and what you don't, like if you accept lying or if you don't.


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  • White lies and small secrets are silly things to admit!

    So much so we lie all the time to everyone.

    "I think there should be no secrets!"

    But the greatest secret of all is why you lie about that too begin with.

    • I don't mean white lies. I mean lies that are detrimental to a relationship. If I were speaking of white lies, I wouldn't have made this post.

    • All lying is detrimental.

    • Let me restate that: All large lies are just small lies and omissions that got bigger than they should have.

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