Does she like me or just friends?

m friends with this girl, and like her at the same time, but she gives me hardcore mixed signals. I was there for her when she got really sick, and since then she started acting super flirty, nice, responsive etc. Messages me more than often (sends more selfies, morning messages etc). Sends me hearts, sticks by my side, #1 boyfriend on SC, streaking it, etc. However, there are times she ignores me (reads texts and never replies), is cold, and talks about other guys. She's a shy girl, so its unusual for her to be flirty, but I'm not sure if its just because she sees me as a close friend or more. Any ideas?

Its a little broad in so if you need more info just ask.


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  • Does she get back to u after ignoring u/ going cold on u? Or do u have to reach out first?

    • If she ever snaps at me irl, or is cold, she keeps looking at me and trying to start a conversation. Almost looking sad she got cold and upset. Over texting, when she ignores me, its 50/50, sometimes she just randomly sends something to me, or gets back to me, other times she doesn't.

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    • Alrighty, thanks for all the help, I guess I just feel awful and like I do something wrong when people ignore me, but I'll follow your tactic to a healthier life. MHO for you good sir!

    • I felt what u feel bro. In fact recently a girl who's been ignoring me for a while reinitiated contact. Been asking about it on another post, almost all responses suggested me to move on and stop caring about her. So should u, dude.

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