Does she like me?

I like her, but we are also friends. She started becoming flirty, messaging me more, sitting next to me, acting like a girlfriend without the title. There are times she ignores me (reads texts and never replies), is cold, and talks about other guys. She's shy, so its unusual for her to be flirty. She talks to me more than any other guys in the school, but I think its because she's comfortable with me. We streak on SC and are each others #1 BF's so we do talk a lot, but she gives me mixed signals and I don't know what to do, any ideas? More info needed just ask.


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  • Just ask her out, her response will tell you how she feels.

    • Very true, and since its the summer soon, what do I have to lose :)

    • Right! Just try to see the positive side. Getting rejected hurts, sure. But these are all the good things about just asking someone out:
      - You're not wasting your time anymore wondering "what if" and "does she like me"
      - You get your answer and it's 100% real
      - You'll still feel a confidence boost because you were actually brave enough to just ask her
      - You'll get the opportunity to start moving on, if you don't ask then you'll be stuck on her for much longer

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  • She sounds borderlines, don't date her. She is unbalanced.