Girl gone from just staring to saying hi all the time?

Wondering if I should get to know this girl who's catches the tram after work. At we was always staring but never spoke everyday for like 3 months. Then I stopped catching the bus for 4 months and now we still look and stuff when she sees me and I see her but I don't look as often I only look like once and I looked at her whilst she walks past to get off the tram. And she's looking at me with a shying face smiling with s closed mouth and says hi I say hi back as I'm not rude. Just confused as I knew instantly there was something going on before by the way she looks at me and the way she acts but as in shy never made moves. But after not seeing her for ages she's doing this everytime she sees me and I've noticed she doesn't do it to other regulars on the tram if she trying to create a conversation or giving me the go ahead or does she just think I'm a girly and not going to make a move lol


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  • She is for sure giving you the go ahead. Next time strike up a conversation with her. Don't wait around because next time may be your last chance. I was playing the staring/smiling game with this guy for months and I was planning on saying hi next time I saw him to show more interest... well next time never came because he disappeared off the face of the earth and I never got that chance. If you're interested make a move!

    • I was thinking she might be doing that , but was just thinking she may be being friendly. But I did disappear like that guy for around 4 months as used to see her everyday on the way home. So might talk to her next time see how she's doing :) thanks for your time

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